May 22, 2007

Talk it to the limit

"So irksome tonight" is an article in Hindustan Times Cafe (May 22) about "some things about this city that really tick people off". In it, someone called Nisha Jamval, identified as a "socialite", lists two things. The second of those, she says, is "less frivolous", and this is that second thing:
    [T]he huge number of brands coming in Mumbai and the lack of infrastructure to support the influx. This is something that ticks me off every single day.
It's true, you know. I mean, when Swearoffski and Barstucks and Victrola's Secret and Counting Dew and Askin' Tuppence all come in Mumbai, where's the infrastructure?


From "Sex and the City", Q&A column by Sexologist Dr Kavan Lakdawala, HT Cafe (May 21):
    Q: I recently had sex with my aunt. Now, I am worried about losing my virginity. Can any test prove that I have lost it?

    A: Well, I am assuming that you are male. If that's the case, I must say a man's virginity cannot be confirmed. ... But I am compelled to add that the word virgin, for a male or a female, basically means someone who hasn't had any sexual intercourse till date.
From the same column, next day (May 22):
    Q: When my wife and I have sex, I climax but she doesn't. I have to manually stimulate her to reach an orgasm. Is it normal?

    A: Of course, it's normal. Women talk longer to climax. [Italics mine]
Which leaves just one question: how much did the aunt talk?


Anonymous said...

I wonder, on what premise is Dr Kavans' assumption based?

a) Males have natural inclination towards their aunts?

b) Girls can not be having sex with other girls?

c) Hindustan times does not support homosexual assumptions.

-Baby V
"Accidents will happen they all heard Ricky say" - Sebastian Bach

amitscorpio said...

On a straight thought I would guess (b), but its hard to avoid consideration of other ways after coming to US.

"Women talk longer to climax."
I wonder if the doc is giving a new way to please women ;) this might prove a very efficient way to help them reach climax!!