May 22, 2007

Three days

Hindustan Times, Sunday May 20 2007: "A definite lead [in the Hyderabad Mecca Masjid bombing] is the recovery of a SIM card ... It was bought in Asansol in West Bengal and investigators said it was registered in the name of Mohammad Shahid (alias Bilal)..."

DNA, Sunday May 20 2007: "The police recovered a Nokia phone and SIM card connected to three unexploded bombs from the blast site. The SIM card, in [Shahid] Bilal's name, was bought in West Bengal..."

HT, Monday May 21 2007: "One of [the suspects in the case] is the absconding Mohammed Shaheed alias Bilal, in whose name the phone's (which triggered the blast) SIM card was registered."

HT, Tuesday May 22 2007: "The West Bengal police have picked up one Mohammed Shahid, a mobile phone shop owner ... who allegedly sold the Hutch SIM card recovered from an unexploded bomb at the Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad ... [He] confirmed having sold the SIM card to one Babulal Yadav in June 2006. ... The police are, however, convinced the name Babulal Yadav is fictitious."

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Anonymous said...

current thoughts (slight OT):

If 'proactive' extra-judicial encounter killing in Gujarat somehow keeps that state safe from such terror attacks over an extended period of time while Malegaon / Hyderabad repeats elsewhere, will these encounters get even more legitimacy than they currently seem to enjoy?

As acceptable rule-of-law processes are undermined or proven ineffective, will most of us turn gradually to the Guj model, and is that the aim here with these blasts.

Would seem counter-productive from the jihadi POV short term, but maybe theyre betting on some tipping point with encounter kills and other police atrocity to pay them dividends.