June 28, 2007


Educatorslog.in is a thoroughly interesting experiment, and not just because of this spotlight they are running now.


gaddeswarup said...

Can you tell us a bit more about the site. The terms and conditions seemed formidable.

Anonymous said...

Someone who actually reads Terms and Conditions...wow!

I found that the Terms and Conditions on educatorslog.in are no more or less formidable than any of the usual web 2.0 community sites around - digg, orkut, others...just that no one bothers to read any of those that are linked to another page (most people don't read them otherwise either).

I've found some pretty good content on that site - the discussions are pertinent and the weblinks for Science and some other subjects that I've found there are worth the time I spend on the site every 2-3 days of the week.