June 15, 2007

I will win

Apart from Toreador and the Habanera from "Carmen", and La Donna e Mobile from "Rigoletto", I know nothing about opera.

So why does this man singing Nessun Dorma from "Turandot" bring a lump to my throat, every time?

Is it something about opera itself? Is it the repeated "Vincero!" at the end of the aria? Is it this man singing "Vincero!"?

I don't know. But may it move you as it did me.


Anonymous said...

I know zip abt opera and it sure moved me. For me its partly the piecec and partly the 'this man' effect.

Thanks Dilip.


Anonymous said...

Though I am not an opera expert, Ive grown up listening to western classical music, because of my grandfather.

And now when i listen to it the reason is two fold. One is that I like the music but more so it reminds me of grandfather who is no more.

Listening to this song brought a million emotions together. Thanks for the pointer

zap said...

Opera and its semiotics suit this man and his situation tremendously.

zap said...

especially to an uninformed audience like me

km said...

Thanks for the link. It is nice to get away from the rock and roll every now and then.