June 20, 2007

Non-name dropping

So here's a tally of sorts. I've lunched with a Nobel Prize winner; had drinks with a Pulitzer Prize winner; chatted with two Booker Prize winners and been bar-hopping with a Booker runner up; dined with one of the world's more famous sportsmen; nearly run over an even more famous sportsman in my car; passed within a foot of a still more famous sportsman; visited topless bars with a Bollywood director; dined with an Indian central government Minister; dined with and then took a ride from the host of a hit TV show; travelled with a Magsaysay Award winner, lunched with another; played the piano at the house of a Bollywood star; shaken hands with one US President and two US Presidential candidates, one of whom turned down my offer of a hamburger.




(Bowing to demand and sentiment this post has generated -- judging by the bits of email wandering into my inbox -- I offer this addendum two days earlier than I had intended).

I've lunched while watching Florence Griffith-Joyner winning the 100m at the Seoul Olympics on TV; watched once-PM of India VP Singh speak at a public meeting; felt the wind in my face as Rishi Kapoor drove past in his car; passed within a foot of a photograph of Cybil Shepherd as a friend looked at it in a magazine; passed within six inches of a sketch of Preity Zinta a kid I know was making in his diary; seen Sushmita Sen's back disappear up a staircase two steps at a time; slept in the same hotel room Fidel Castro once declined to use; eaten peanuts as Ajit Wadekar came off the field after a Bombay league cricket match; walked on the pavement in front of a building Stephen Hawking once gave a speech in; collected the autograph of someone whose mother later took me to listen to Desmond Tutu.



Addendum #2:

(Bowing to more demand and sentiment etc etc ... this addendum).

I've lunched with a woman who is not the French tennis player Amelie Mauresmo; spoken to a class of students, not one of whom was Russell Crowe; at least once not played croquet with Saif Ali Khan; taken a train to Delhi in which Joseph Stiglitz was not in my coach, nor the next, nor in fact on the train at all; not taken a flight to Bangalore in which Sridevi travelled; not taken another flight to Bangalore in which Sridevi didn't travel; twice eaten at a restaurant in Bombay when Glenn McGrath wasn't eating there; walked through a railway level crossing and noticed that the large car waiting on the other side didn't have Margaret Thatcher in it; thrice borrowed books from friends that make no mention of Elmore Leonard; shared a taxi with a woman who didn't look anything like Calatrava.



Anonymous said...

Yes, you have met me too. though you turned down my offer to share the food that you offered me. (You also lost out on traveling to a place you wanted to travel to. maybe next time?)

BTW, no scientists, no Bharataratnas?

Vikrum said...

I've met Vadhekar.

Bet you cannot top that.

I've been to a Mumbai blog meet.

American president schresident...

Patrix said...

and I have met you.

So it brings me within one degree separation with all those folks you mentioned.

Dilip D'Souza said...

B: indeed, some scientists too. Bharatratnas, i don't believe so. (Been in the same room with at least two, but cannot claim to have met).

Vik, I thought you were Vadhekar?

Patrix, so glad you wrote in. All last night I was wondering how to describe you for that list. Please supply appropriate description.

Bombay Addict said...

I've met some hot chicks. So boo to you.

Oh you name dropping show-off you...what next? Page 3?

Anonymous said...

Disappointing list...All said and done, you still aspire to the things our middle and upper classes aspire to?

Why don't you make another list of all the remarkable but mostly anonymous people that you've met - you know, those "denotified" tribes and so on. Yes, I know you've blogged about them; yes too, that list will not be nearly as "sexy" but if it's any consolation, I don't think there will be too many to match you there.

And who knows, some of your readers (including myself) may be prompted to go meet those people.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Why don't you make another list of all the remarkable but mostly anonymous people that you've met?

Actually ... it's being made. Watch this space. Other preoccupations (again!) have slowed down posting here, but one of these days ...

km said...

I know someone whose cousin's friend once played with Robert Plant.

Beats meeting any US president - at least in my book :))

//still, I'm in awe. You ran over a famous sportsman?

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with anon above. Been noticing these "got close to Obama" etc. off and on and ignoring them.

Disappointing is the appropriate word. I may never get to meet any of these ppl but if I do, I dont think I will be non-dropping abt them like this.

BTW good contrast with the admiration for Paul Potts in previous post.


Dilip D'Souza said...

km, I can top the Plant thing, easy. I've read a book in which there's a picture of John McEnroe playing in a band! Let's see you beat that!

I didn't run over the guy, I almost ran over him. He used that as inspiration to go win a tournament.

Sahodaran, I agree. One request during my hanging: may I please watch Flo-Jo running in the 100m again?

Kavi said...

Well, the addendum soothed me into existence ! :)

Mayuresh Gaikwad said...

Just wondering, what is the point of this post?

I too would like to state a few things.
1. I have dined in a restaurant which Dilip D'souza has never visited
2. I have taken the same train from VT to Thane which Dilip D'souza did not take as he was in the US
3. I hav taken the same bus from Andheri to Powai which Mr. D'souza did not take, as he was in the plane from India to US
4. I have attended well known institute in western India and a not-so-well-known institute in Eastern India which Mr. D'souza did not attend
5. I have attended Agrawal classes in the same year that Mr. D'souza did not attend
6. I have visited the same temple in my village where Mr. D'souza has not been to.
7. I swam at Mulund swinning pool at the same time when Mr. D'souza did not swim there.
8. I went to the British Council Library at the same time that Dilip D'souza chose not to visit.
9. Last but the best:- I have lived in the same city, state and country as Dilip D'souza does, and the times overlap as well.

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Pareshaan said...

Very Nice Sir.

Anonymous said...

I must mention the countless people who have benefited from NOT having met me.

Mr. D'Souza is not one of those.