July 14, 2007

Back to the future

Three weeks since a morning's rain knocked out my broadband connection and the phone it piggybacked on; two weeks since another morning's rain knocked out another phone and the phones of several neighbours, meaning I can't even dialup. So Web access has been fitful at best, meaning email, surfing and blogging are at historic (!) lows.

So before I lose this tenuous connection too, let me point you to Back to the future, an essay I wrote for current issue of the BITS Pilani alumni 'zine, Sandpaper.

Comments welcome.


Anjali said...

Nice article, Dilip. When I return to India with my husband (and we will), I'll keep it in mind! P.S We communicated briefly in 2002 by email when I was looking for a job right after I graduated from the LSE in London!

Anonymous said...

Loved reading it, Dilip. Thanks for sharing this.

If you take look at the larger picture, come to think of it, Indian citizens who spend a good ten years in US are rare and out of those who come back are rarer still. Thats one big reason why I found this very interesting.

Rachit Chandra said...

As a current student of BITS, where everyone harbors and stokes the dream of going the grad school way, this is an interesting read.

Loved especially the "I don't know part"

Dilip D'Souza said...

Thanks, people. wanderstruck, remind me of our previous correspondence?

Truman, I don't think that "Indian citizens who spend a goodd ten years in US" are all that rare. Plenty spend longer than that. Did I misunderstand you?

Rachit, thank you. I still don't know. How's Pilani treating you?

Rachit Chandra said...

Pilani has been very kind to me. I have developed a variety of interests at Pilani. Currently my passion is Brand BITS.

I am a nucleus member of the newly set-up Publications and Media relations Unit at BITS.