October 08, 2007


The Guardian carries this obituary for my father, JB D'Souza, today.


Just another step.


Anonymous said...

"....for the victims of the 1993 communal riots. This was when the city's Hindu mafia dons used the rightwing Shiva Shena and an anti-Muslim campaign to clear Muslim slums for property development. His attempt to sue the state government for failing to introduce martial law during those riots and later to attack the Shiva Sena for its hate-filled anti-Muslim diatribes..."

Anyone reading this would feel that only Muslims suffered in the 1993 riots. Why is this Nigel whatshisname spreading such falsehood?

what is his motivation?
why isnt he giving the facts?
does he truly believe all this - if so, who gave him this impression?

Anonymous said...

D'souza: My condolences...