October 06, 2007

Just another step

The latest Tehelka has a "Personal History" I wrote, here.

Comments welcome.


Previous posts about my father: An obit, a bio, For a grandfather, for a father, To a father, Remembering Bain, A gentle, fearless man, To Bain.


gaddeswarup said...

There was also another post "Soft Eyes". I thought that the name was different in that post.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Swarup, you're right -- I used that and another post as material for this article. After I wrote "Soft Eyes", I got some criticism from people close to me for using his real name. So for the Tehelka article, I changed his name. (I mentioned that when I sent it in, but they seem to have excised that mention!)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your dad, dcubed. Read a lot about him and he seems like he was a very unusual man.