June 01, 2008

Mine, mine!

IIT-JEE 2008 results were announced a couple of days ago.

The Hindustan Times of Saturday May 31 carries a front page ad from the JEE coaching centre FIITJEE claiming 31 of the top 50, 54 of the top 100, etc, are its students. In particular, FIITJEE claims the top 4, Shitikanth (#1), Nishant Totla (#2), Abhinav Garg (#3) and Archit Gupta (#4) as its students. (As also Nikhil Garg #6, Srikanti Praneeth #8, Abhay Bothra #9).

Page 3 of the same paper carries an ad from Brilliant Tutorials, another coaching centre. The headline is "Brilliant's student is All-India No. 1 in IIT-JEE '08". It claims both Shitikanth and Nishant Totla as its students, along with photographs of both.

The back page of the same paper carries an ad from Aakash Institute, still another coaching centre. It says "Our student ... Mr SHITIKANTH" secured 1st rank in IIT-JEE 2008", with a picture of Shitikanth (apparently a different one from Brilliant's). Aakash expands this ad into a full page ad in today's HT (June 1), with Shitikanth's photograph and what look like hundreds of photos of the other kids who made it through the JEE that it claims are its students. Among them are both Nikhil Garg #6 and Abhay Bothra #9.

The inside back page of the same paper (today) carries an ad from Bansal Classes, yet another coaching centre. The headline is "Bansalite tops again...", and has photographs of Shitikanth (apparently different from both Brilliant's and Aakash's), Nishant, Nikhil Garg and Abhay Bothra, claiming all of them as its students.

I can't wait for tomorrow's paper.


Anonymous said...

Hi d'souza
its very interisting to read your blog.Just keep it up.

Anonymous said...

shitikanth was here?

Rishabh Kaul said...
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Rishabh Kaul said...

In south..this is how we roll


-A fellow bitsian

Anonymous said...

Great observation, Dileep :D

Kavi said...

You must suggest Creative Commons. At the least !! :)

Sidhusaaheb said...



Anonymous said...

This is a regular practice of Big,wellknown classes to the Toppers are the students of their classes.Keep critising the bad practices in our country.

Indian Home Maker said...

Must tell all my friends about this:)

Anonymous said...

They're alternative reality googlegangers.

Anonymous said...

All right then, here's the truth:
Shitikanth (AIR 1), Nishant (AIR 2), Harshit (AIR 5), Nikhil (AIR 6) and Abhay(AIR 9)have been regular classroom students of Bansal classes, Kota only.
Some of them took test series from FIITJEE or Brilliants, and that is the sole basis on which FIITJEE and Brilliants make their claims. I also was a student of Bansal classes, and all the above five students were in my batch.