June 01, 2008

Not economics

Followup to an earlier post:

In It's the economics, stupid, I had an excerpt from my book The Narmada Dammed. At the end, I asked: why has nobody written to me to commend my "sound economic training"?

A great number of people did not answer that question. Many famous economists did not answer that question.

Nevertheless, the answer is simple. Apart from quick mentions of inflation and the wholesale price index, the excerpt had nothing to do with economics. It was just an examination of figures, and a few calculations.

Call it arithmetic. And that's why nobody wrote to commend my "sound economic training." Not that anybody wrote to commend my "sound arithmetic training" either ... never mind. We shall not mention that.

1 comment:

AmOK said...

Well it sure did SOUND economics to me. So you should have received some commendations about sounding economics, while being merely arithmetic. Is it not though that economics is but a relentless use of arithmetic, mixed in with a few buzz-words like demand, price, supply? This blogger commends your eminence for your sound-economics training.