September 07, 2008

90 pounds?

Years ago, my good pal Mike and I (we joined the same project at Texas Instruments on the same day) used to get our Sunday morning kicks (yes) by poring over the college football scores. Invariably, there'd be some basketball-type scores: a 69-56 game between two high-powered teams, or a 49-2 score where a powerhouse had stomped on a team of (possibly) ninety-pound-weaklings.

Well, since I watched them practice a few weeks ago, I've been intrigued to know how Montana State would perform when the season started. I'm delighted to report that their first two games would both have caught Mike's and my attention, were we still getting our kicks that way.

In their season opener on August 30, in that very same stadium where I watched them running drills, Montana State ran all over Adams State, 59-3.

In their second game on September 6, they played Kansas State in Manhattan, Kansas. K-State hammered Montana State 69-10.

I love Sunday mornings. Must give Mike a call.

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