September 09, 2008

Shailesh Gandhi

Let me be frank. There are only occasional things that make me optimistic about India. Mainly because I see so much venality and corruption in the people who govern us, across the spectrum.

Which is why the news I just heard a few minutes ago is a double whammy. For it's about a man whose integrity I have boundless respect for joining the government, and therefore it gives me reason for optimism.

Shailesh Gandhi, a man I've been proud to call a friend for 15 years now, has just been appointed Central Information Commissioner.


Kohl said...

This rules! I can't wait to see what SG is able to do!

I nearly cried when I heard this, and I was at work on the other side of the planet!

Kavi said...

Ah ! Sometimes, right things do happen

A said...


There was news that he is paid measely salary and he is upset over it.

I have great respect fro him to and i dont see a reason why the work he is doing shouldnt make him the highest paid individual of india.

I wanted to get in touch with him will it be possible to provie me with his email id please?

email me at

Karthik said...

Dear Dilip,

I am a Business Manager at a Fortune 200 bank in Washington, DC called Capital One.

Also, I am an alumnus of IIT Bombay class of 2004, Shailesh Gandhi's alma mater. I also happen to be someone who worked with him 6 years back on an article on the history of Mood Indigo, a college fest he helped start.

I wanted to get in touch with Shailesh Gandhi to get him in touch with the growing number of students today who are passionate about social causes and really committed to doing something about it. For example, a friend is interning for a year in the Lok Sabha. Another friend is campaigning against ragging at a national scale. A third is trying to set-up India's first bone morrow registry. The fourth is trying to set up India's chapter of Teach for India.

I have been trying to get in touch with Mr.Gandhi and it would mean the world to me if you can help.

I am at and I would be honored to hear from him and contribute however I can to his work.