September 25, 2008

Hardy, Niska and the cell

The Ford F150 truck in front of me on a quiet road in Cape Cod has this on its tailgate: "AAA Batteries delivered and installed".

Hmm. So let's say my trusty Thomas the Engine toy train starts puttering around wimpily, indicating that that the sole AAA battery it runs on is on its last legs. Or let's say the pager I never really used much doesn't work no more, and it needs a replacement AAA cell. You mean I can call this truck guy and he'll come right over carrying one single AAA cell, stick it into the device concerned and tip his hat cheerily to me?

How much would I pay for this service, compared to the cost of buying a AAA cell and sticking it into Thomas the Engine myself? Is this really a viable business, to the extent of buying and painting a truck to this effect?


When, you want to know, was Niska's Bog established? Never mind that you don't know, as I don't know, what on earth Niska's Bog is in the first place. But when was it established?

Answer, as seen on its sign on that same quiet road: "Established Before 1972."

And I don't know when it was established, likely "before 2008", but how does the Cape Cod Step Company advertise itself?

Simple. With two three-step staircases stuck by themselves under a lonely tree. Going nowhere in particular. Unless you want to climb one and descend the other.


Somewhere else, there's a handpainted "Hardy Mums". Just when I'm wondering what specific qualities a mother needs to have to be described as "hardy" and advertised for sale or hire as such, we pass another sign that may or may not be relevant. It says "In-Law Apartment".

Maybe if you're not a particularly hardy mum, you need to stick the in-laws in their own apartment. On the other hand, maybe if you actually are a hardy mum, you stick the in-laws in their own apartment. Tell them where they get off.

And then you go outfit yourself at the establishment advertised by the next sign down the road: "Rod and Gun Establishment." Those in-laws will certainly know who's hardy then.


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