September 22, 2008

17-7, and $1.2M

Went to the Brown football game on Saturday. They were playing that not-quite powerhouse of the game, Stony Brook. SB's marching band was stiff, starched and elegant. Brown's was, as ever and traditionally, scruffy and disorganized, though capable of as tuneful music. SB's cheerleaders were in trackpants and sleeveless tees, surprisingly amateur in their routines. Brown's were in skin-tight dresses with tantalizingly high-cut hemlines. SB's team did not make a first down till 3 minutes were left in the first half, and anyway managed to fritter away that chance and another set up by a pass interception. Brown made first downs seemingly at will, and raced to a 17-0 lead at halftime. That's when even vocal Brown supporters such as the family and me had had enough, and wandered out to enjoy the Providence sunshine on our feet instead of on our butts.

(The game ended 17-7).

And I also grabbed the chance to examine the Providence Journal Real Estate Transactions listings. (Why not?) In these times of mortgage crises, some of the prices made telling reading. If 181 Governor Street went for $780K and 55 Ridgway St #3 for #113.5K, 24 Armington St changed hands for all of $2285. (That's two thousand two hundred and eighty-five dollars, wonder if someone simply flashed a credit card there). 95 Vinton St sold for $2156. A whole slew of properties with "N/A" listed under the address column sold for varying prices under $10K.

Distress sales? Properties abandoned by the owners? Whatever.

But four other transactions also caught my eye, all listed at a price of $1.2M. (One point two million dollars). That's 145 Butler Ave, 158 Medway St, 102 S Angell St and 966 Hope St. All four, sold by George Taylor. All four, bought by Robert D and Jane P Taylor.

One-sided football game. Odd real estate deals. Saturday entertainment at its best.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Surprisingly amateur in their routines ! How dare you say that about the cheerleaders of my aloo mater? 17-7 was the scoreline? SB did remarkably well to get the 7 back. I am proud of them.