January 03, 2009

Diaz, diap(ers)

Good news to begin a new year. Two bits of good news, in fact. Reproduced from the same "Around the World" feature in the Times of India, January 1 2009, here they are, verbatim:

* Donkeys ordered to wear diapers in Egypt: Donkeys have been banned from walking around in the streets of Egypt's southwestern al-Wadi al-Gadeed governorates without wearing diapers, an official said. Mohammed Haround said the measure was to "preserve the aesthetic and cultural scene of the governorate which currently witnesses an unprecedented boom in tourism."

* I'll start wearing bra in 2009, promises Cameron Diaz: Cameron Diaz has made a 'firm' resolution this year -- the beauty has vowed that she will start wearing bra in 2009.

I get the strangest feeling both these stories are, in some cosmic way, related. Do you?

I have also been wondering: when The Right Honourable Mohammed Haround speaks of preserving "the aesthetic and cultural scene", might he really be referring to Cameron Diaz?

Also, I'm unaccountably reminded of this.

Also #2, I'm having second thoughts. I believe item #2 above is not really good news, it's bad news.


Kavi said...


This is indeed some cosmic relationship !!


Sumedha said...

I like the Bra Flinging Story. I am (I think) happy to say that my friends and I never had such a story to write up. :)