April 10, 2009

About Acts

Much as I find sick and nauseating the words that one fellow called Varun Gandhi harangued his Pilibhit constituents with a few weeks ago, what followed was more sick and nauseating by far: his arrest under the National Security Act.

The NSA? For making those statements? (Forgive me for not telling you what he said, nor giving you a link: I won't help spread hate).

Gandhi's party, the BJP, rightly protested long and hard about this outrage. I hope it has made the party think long and hard too, if not protest, about their own use or misuse of a similar law, the Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act.

Specifically, I refer to the arrest and incarceration, under the CSPSA, of Dr Binayak Sen. Dr Sen's offence? That he is supposed to have carried letters from an aging and also incarcerated Maoist leader, Narayan Sanyal. (Never mind that Sanyal's failing health is the reason officials got a doctor -- Dr Sen -- to see him in the first place). No witness Chhatisgarh authorities have produced in court has offered anything remotely like evidence to back up this "charge", such as it is.

In another month, it will be two years that Chhattisgarh's BJP government has kept Dr Sen in jail in Raipur. Two years. Think of that.

Varun Gandhi is no threat to national security; Dr Binayak Sen is no threat to Chhattisgarh's security. Yet in each case, political establishments annoyed by these men have used repressive laws against them. Because the powers those laws allow to governments are irresistible to governments.

The real lesson of these two episodes is simple: Acts like NSA and the CSPSA are too easily misused. You, reading this, really should take note.


Anonymous said...

The day the British left India, the Judiciary and the Police have been hijacked by the pewerful. It was a different sort of 'powerful' those days and a different sort of 'powerful' these days. But the fact that the powerful always abrogate the authority of the Indian State remains.

Unknown said...

Binayak Sen is not held by Chatisgarh government without evidence.His bail plea was rejected by Supreme court of India according to available evidence.
You are from Mumbai, when the terrorists killed people all the high and mighty were crying about lack of security.
More people are killed by Naxalites in hinterland than these jihadies.
Varun was playing to a game setup by his party which requires HINDU CONSOLIDATION.Mayawathi used it to show her grip.Whether NSA is required only poll will tell.

editor said...

Every other day in every Indian City, a few people get slapped with NSA.

The fault of some of them is just that they are poor. But who writes about them?

Just to ensure that the figure of detainees goes up from previous years, people caught for minor brawls or boozing in public are arrsted.

Once their names are in police record, the next time they are again caught and it continues till they become history-sheeters and fit for externation from district limits.

Even women are expelled. How can a woman expected to live away from her family and house? Then the next thing is NSA if they are found moving in the district.

Varun has been slapped with NSA rightly. In West, hatespeak is treated as an offence.

Unknown said...

Hi indiscribe,
You are wrong about NSA being slapped in India every other day.
People engaging in public brawl and drinking are arrested not because they are poor because the engaged in public nuisance.All those people who got arrested in rave party in pune,bangalore,jaipur are rich guys.
women who murder and rob are convicted and kept in prison.Nowadays they are allowed to keep their young ones in prison creche.If they donot want their children to be in prison, they must not rob or kill.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Binayak Sen is not held by Chatisgarh government without evidence.

No witness the government has itself called to support its case has been able to offer any evidence to do so. Please check for yourself.

What this has to do with me being from Mumbai, I have no clue.

What this has to do with rave parties, I still have no clue.

Anonymous said...

do you find Teesta Setalvad's sexing up of the 'atrocities' during the Gujarat 'pogrom' equally sick and nauseating?I bet you don't.But I do find the double standards of secularists very,very sick and nauseating..

Dilip D'Souza said...

do you find Teesta Setalvad's sexing up of the 'atrocities' during the Gujarat 'pogrom' equally sick and nauseating?I bet you don't.

Actually you're right, I don't, mainly because the news is entirely false.

The Gujarat government counsel read out a statement in court, and an uncritical reporter (at best) choose to report that as the views of the SIT.

What a pity that there are enough of us who choose to be just as uncritical (at best).

Various rebuttals/statements:
1) CJP rebuttal.

2) Sahmat statement.

3) Teesta Setalvad's rebuttal.

Anonymous said...

Actually you're right, I don'tobviously.The length 'rebuttals' by the sickulars fail to clarify whether Mr Pandey was leading the riots or was admitting people to the hospital,whether the muslim lady's womb was actually torn upon to take out the unborn...the usual divel of long winded sentence with liberal doses of 'pogrom','genocide'...etc

Dilip D'Souza said...

The length 'rebuttals' by the sickulars fail to clarify ... [etc]

Ah, the timeworn tactic.

Something horrible happens. Nobody gets punished for it, despite any number of people urging that it be punished. A few years pass. Somebody gets up and questions whether it did actually happen. This gets reported as "news". Those somehow sympathetic to the murderers get all excited, saying -- look at the news! It never happened after all! Those guys made it all up!

The people urging the punishment point to the original news reports about the incident. Those somehow sympathetic to the murderers reject that, saying pointing this out "fails to clarify" things.

And so we go.

Why am I reminded of the success of other similar attempts to obfuscate history?

Unknown said...

Hi Dilip,
If Supreme court of India has denied bail to Dr.Binayak sen without proper evidence, then God help this nation.
55 Hindu pilgrims roasted alive inside a rail compartment.How many got convicted?
2000 Muslims and 250 hindus got killed in the ensuing communal clash.How many got convicted?
How many got convicted when Bhindranwale was terrorising and killiing sikhs?
When Indira gandhi got killed and some Sikhs lit up Diyas, nearly 3000 innocent sikhs including senior generals were humiliated and some killed.Who got convicted?
A 85 year old RSS swami and four others are killed in front of 100 tribal girls.Who got convicted?
Nearly 40,000 Panno christian families are out of their homes driven out by Kandhs.Who is convicted?
Indian CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM requires major overhaul. You cannot blame BJP for Hindu /Muslim riots of Gujerat ,Kandhamal or Congress for 1984 anti/sikh riots.

Anonymous said...


The reporter quotes the SIT report ,page and paragraph.The SIT is NOT 'Somebody gets up and questions whether it did actually happen'.In fact,it was the darling of the sickulars as it arretested Maya Kodnani.But now it's somebody that is playing with the communal forces!!But then,Teesta is the decorated one by this govt and the entire secular media is with her.Hence the deafening silence from the 24X7 TV channels.

Let's get back to Varun now,Teesta is an angel you see..

Dilip D'Souza said...

The "reporter", in quoting the SIT report in his rebuttal, is weakest on the most glaring accusation he made in his original article: that the Kausar Banu incident was untrue.

His rebuttal does not even mention Kausar.


Anonymous said...

"His rebuttal does not even mention Kausar.


Ask the reporter.Send him a notice.The secular mafia is great at signing petitions,leading dharnas,holding candle light vigils.Go on,sue the reporter,what's stopping you?Is it the truth?Teesta's rebuttal also did not assert that Kausar was indeed a victim of the riot.Typical sickualar diversions.

Pleas explain how does the SIT become 'somebody gets up and questions whether it did actually happen'?How?

Dilip D'Souza said...

Teesta's rebuttal also did not assert that Kausar was indeed a victim of the riot.

Tell a lie often enough ...

"More pertinently the tragic slaying of pregnant Kauser Bano at Naroda Patiya after slitting her womb was reported in Deccan Herald,(April 17, 2004) and The Indian Express, (March 23,2005) among others apart from finding place in innumerable reports including the one authored by the Concerned Citizens Tribunal-Crimes Against Humanity 2002 headed by two Supreme Court judges, Justices Krishna Iyer and PB Sawant."

(From Teesta Setalvad's rebuttal).

Anonymous said...

Last night there was a news in Zee News. It was shown that Asaduddin Owaisi of MIM was beating and chasing voters/supporters of opponent parties with a big stick. . It was also shown that police was chasing the voters instead of stopping Asaduddin Owaisi.

2 years back that same man along with activists of MajlisItehadoolMuslimeen (MIM) roughed up noted Bangladeshi novelist Taslima Nasreen at a book release function.

That fellow is real communal, but no English news channel will show this news.
Varun was booked under NSA for hate speech, but Owaisi was not booked. Maybe there is no law for beating voters or Congress govt do not dare to antagonize Mu$l1ms. This is secularism at its best. By the way where are those Pink chaddiwalas?????

Anonymous said...

"Tell a lie often enough .."

You mean like this?:


shameless sickulars are no better than the politicians who use fake voters to swell their vote banks.Or maybe even worse.

Anonymous said...


"Tell a lie often enough .."

You mean like this?:


shameless sickulars are no better than the politicians who use fake voters to swell their vote banks.Or maybe even worse.

Dilip D'Souza said...

You mean like this?

You're pointing me to this "post your comment" page? Why? Mere incompetence?

In any case. No, I mean like this:

Teesta's rebuttal also did not assert that Kausar was indeed a victim of the riot.

Anonymous said...

"Why? Mere incompetence?"

No need to get hyper bcoz some sickular lies are caught.That was a typo.The actual link was provided in the following post and I can't delete the earlier post.

Here it is again:http://www.indianexpress.com/news/family-tells-sit-riot-victim-already-dead-of-tb/402965/0

Ramesh said...

> I can't delete the earlier post.

the price of being too scared to use yourr name.

Prasanna said...
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Anonymous said...

"the price of being too scared to use yourr name"

Really?I am so scared of the islamofascists coming after me,Ramesh or is it Rahimullah?Now providing fake accounts of 'riot victims' and claim national/internation honors take some guts,eh?

Ramesh said...

> I am so scared of the islamofascists coming after me,Ramesh or is it Rahimullah?

this's only what persons too scared to use their name do. youre no different.

editor said...

Captain Johann

Firstly, the spelling is Indscribe, not indescribe.

Secondly. you know nothing.

JUST TO KEEP the figures of action up and increase it every year, to show the 'stern action' and their 'success' against 'criminals', policemen do it.

Journalists don't write as much about externations and NSAs that occur on daily basis because they feel immune to it, as it is so regular in every Indian City.

Drugs is serious crime. Even if you have great sympathy for the brats and their rave parties.

Find out details from DMs office under RTI or from SP. As most of those who suffer (even women are externed these days, can you imaging a poor woman living outside district where she has no home)are poor, it doesn't affect journos who are now mostly middle-class or upper middle class.

You should feel yourself lucky that you are not born in a poor house. They don't get externed for robbery or killings.