April 09, 2009

Oh, the fear!

Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar, a filmdom married couple, appear at a fashion show. Ms Khanna pretends to unbutton her husband's trousers. Neither was I at the show nor have I seen any clips of it, but from the one photograph I've seen of this incident, the parties involved look as if they are enjoying themselves.

As if they are happy.

But this was too much for one Anil Nair, who was annoyed enough by their happiness to go the law about it. The actors, he complained to the police, had indulged in "indecent, vulgar and obscene behaviour". The Vakola police have since registered a FIR against the couple.

I don't know Khanna, Kumar, nor Nair. But I do know something that HL Mencken once wrote. The always caustic American writer defined Puritanism this way: "The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy."

Yep: It haunts Anil Nair, that fear.

So I'd like to say: I'm happy. Forgive me, Shri Nair, for frightening you some more.


Anonymous said...

H.L Mencken is unmatched as far as quotes go.

I haven't seen better hard hitting real one liners.


km said...

Maybe he couldn't look away? Maybe he had a stiff neck?

//what a loser.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anil Nair..nothing humourous about Akshay getting undone by Twinkle Khanna. It would have been so, if it were the other way round.

km said...

To the 9:40PM Anonymous: only if it were accompanied by "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star..."

Sumedha said...

I read that the police are now looking for a law that they can book the couple under, as they haven't actually blatantly broken an obvious law. I'm sure they'll manage to find one eventually...

When will people learn to not try to foist their own views and morals on others?! (I do realise this is a debatable topic.. Nair could argue that Kumar and Khanna were forcing their "open" values on to him.)