April 28, 2009

Fatal cure

Think I called it "Doctor, doctor", but in print, it has been renamed. Either way, I wrote it and it's on the edit page in the Hindustan Times today April 28: A fatal cure.

Comments welcome.


Speaking of Binayak Sen (my article linked to above is about Binayak Sen): given the easy way people will dismiss him as a "Naxalite" or such, this interview with him is worth reading.


Rahul Siddharthan said...

I am happy to see that people are keeping the Binayak Sen case alive and in the public consciousness... The Hindu has had a couple of strong articles recently, and a few news reports. There seems to be a real danger now that he will die in custody. Already the case is a disgrace on our system.

Prasanth said...

Nice post Dilip.
Was reminded of another group of doctors who stood by and nodded as random people were subject to 'enhanced interrogation'. The myth of the quasi-divine doctor has long been eclipsed but incidents like these hit one too hard.

Vetirmagal said...

It is sad to read about Dr.Sen. One really hoped that these exalted people who call themselves of having achieved so much when they are in power, will atleast give him freedom at this election time.

But I must be in my own world to expect as much. Why this man is punished so mucha nd so brutally? It really nags my mind.

I can only pray for him.