June 18, 2009

High status

Like any other inmate, Ahuja reportedly spent the night on the jail's standard mat and pillow, but he had access to better food.

The source said Ahuja was provided dinner and snacks from an outside restaurant, apparently due to his 'high status'. Another police source said, "He is such a big personality and cannot be treated like a petty criminal

From this news report: Shiney sleeps hard but eats easy.

(The actor Shiney Ahuja, accused of raping his maid, has been arrested. This report was written after he spent a night in jail).

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Sidhusaaheb said...

If he had an even higher 'status' i.e. if he was well connected politically, he might have also had access to 'five-star' facilities like air-conditioning, a refridgerator, a mobile phone, a television, a comfortable mattress, etc.

He might even have organised an exclusive cabaret performance for himself!

Take a look at:


Jai_C said...


"She belongs to a lower caste, which is aggressive by nature, and she wouldn't have submitted herself so easily. They are known for being aggressive," Shivde said.


Dilip D'Souza said...

Jai, that is simply horrifying. I'm sitting here stupefied by this. Thanks for the pointer. I'm going to do a post or something about this, just as soon as I get a moment.