June 17, 2009

Sit and watch

Sometimes you just sit back and watch, in wonder and awe. For no apparent reason, a comment space turns into a somewhat wacky free-for-all. On this blog, it happened here three years ago. On a smaller scale, it's just happened here over the last three days.

Visit, and see various guys take turns impersonating each other and themselves, making convoluted arguments, flinging abuse about in random directions, and then impersonating all over again.

Yep, just sit and watch. It's a good way to spend a few minutes.


Sachita said...

err.. that space wasnt even funny like rediff comments. Regarding the post itself, dont you think whatever we do, this is a human population and a percentage will always have it psychos, so wrapped up in their hate.

Itna Pilid said...

What about psychos wrapped up in the sound of their own voices - Dilip D'souza and Atanu Dey come to mind.

Phoenix said...

After thinking it over for some hours, I'd like to make a confession here. I wrote several of the comments on the post referred to ("Driven By Hate"), impersonating various people there. Specifically, the last three-four comments are mine (but there are others). And the one immediately above this one is mine. (Yes, in addition to Dcubed, I hate Atanu Dey with a passion. Deeshaa - give me a effing break).

I felt I had to do all this, because the despicable samples of human beings that author and frequent this blog needed to be exposed for the despicable creatures they are.

But now I feel its makes my case stronger if I post as myself: Phoenix, earlier known as TTG.