June 16, 2009

Of the match

Why T20 cricket is surreal, reason #2459: England and West Indies play a match yesterday June 15 in which 28.2 overs, or 170 legitimate balls, were bowled. Several players make significant contributions to the game, with bat and ball. England's Bopara scores 55, for example.

Then there's Ramnaresh Sarwan of the West Indies (I'm a fan of this guy, incidentally). Faced 9 balls near the end of the match, scored 19 runs. For that, he is adjudged the Man of the Match.



sbrk said...

right. for a similar amount of runs made, i expected dwayne bravo to get the award, for he bowled 4 overs with 2 wickets too. but then sarwan really helped wi win, by staying on till the end.

it is surreal, in fact just 9 balls.

zap said...

D/L in a 20 over game is a recipe for Surreal.

Sumedha said...

Cricket. Stupid cricket. :P I never understood the charm. Though I do prefer the T20, for the simple reason that it's shorter, so I get the TV away from my cricket-loving parents faster. :)