October 23, 2009


A week without phone or web connectivity (except for a fitful hour one night) in the middle of Madhya Pradesh. Bliss, in many ways. It also means I've got a pile of mail and other to catch up on, but never mind. The bliss made it all worthwhile.

The last issue of Open magazine carried a review I did of William Dalrymple's new book, Nine Lives. As ever, your thoughts welcome.


gaddeswarup said...

The second link does not seem to be working. I have not read the book but from what I have seen from his articles and "The City of Djins", it seems to be fair review. You could have told us a bit more about the good points of the book. He seems to be a gifted writer who can do much better.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Gaddeswarup, there's no second link! Perhaps you meant the underlined "Nine Lives" -- that's all it is, a book title that's underlined.

Perhaps I could have said more about what else is in the book, but I had only 600 words (I checked), plus I thought all these errors and repetitions needed to be pointed out. He is a gifted writer, I hope this is just an aberration.

Anonymous said...

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