October 23, 2009

A name by any other rose

The Visitor's Book at the beautiful Golf View Hotel in Pachmarhi, MP, has plenty of compliments about the food, the service, the ambience. It has less, but still plenty, complaints and suggestions. Many people asked for railings on the first floor balconies and terraces. Many wanted exhaust fans in the bathrooms. Many wanted a generator for the times when the power failed.

Apart from those, there were some specific requests. A selection:

From Raju Sarang: Swimming pool is lacking.

Sunil Chhablani: Indoor games, TT, spa needed.

Ankit Bansal: Indoor games, gym, spa.

Vikram Bhargava: There are no activities for kids. DJ and Discotheque is a must in this isolated place.

Pawan Sekhri: Should be more recreational activities, it's very quiet in the eve, or sports.

Praveen Katiyar: Banquet Hall is a must.

Lavkesh Jayesh Mehta: Provide some indoor entertainment, it is a must.

AK Ghildiyal: Should keep some playing equipment like football, cricket bat/ball, badminton racquet. Should provide cycles on rent (all good properties provide such facilities). DVD players in Victorian suites should be provided.

Punit Agrawal: DVD players. Swimming pool/Kids pool. Indoor games -- chess, cards, carrom, snooker. Daily flower bouquet/rose in room. Curtains should be darker. Wifi zone. Some good modified Gypsies will add on. Change name (Doesn't suit, No Golf Course).


Ugich Konitari said...

All the way to Pachmarhi to get decibally disabled with a DJ ? Save transport costs. Attend a posh wedding in Mumbai. (No gifts; only in the form of blessings)...

Rahul Siddharthan said...

Dilip - you enjoy poking fun at these things and I (and, I'm sure, others) enjoy reading it, but I'm not convinced that "naming and shaming" is required...

Dilip D'Souza said...

Rahul, (as always) you're right. I should have changed the names. Done now.

I will say that it wasn't entirely for poking fun; I was surprised by how different holiday motivations are for different people. Yet why are mine in any way superior to theirs?

Anonymous said...

regarding pvs comment: got to love ppl who make asses of themselves in public.

Rahul Siddharthan said...

Dilip - well, one could argue for indoor games on a rainy day, but I think families should travel with their own -- but wanting a DJ in a remote hilltown? They should have gone to Goa. But that does raise the question: a beach is every bit as much natural scenery as a hilltown, so why does one associate the former with parties and clubbing (think also of Ibiza etc) and the latter with tranquility?