November 10, 2009

Book on the way

Some more about my upcoming book Roadrunner ...

The first copies should be out in under two weeks.

On November 19th, as part of the Celebrate Bandra Festival, there will be a "Meet Bandra Authors" event at Crossword's Linking Road outlet. I will be participating, and if all goes well there should be a few copies of the book available there then. Please come.

There are plans afoot for a few events around the book itself, starting in early December: one in Delhi, two or three in Bombay and one in Bangalore.

More details as the plans get hammered out. So watch this space! And as always, be there ... or be elsewhere.


Nikhil said...

Wish you had picked a better location.
For a booklover a visit to Crossword is a test of patience and causes endless frustration what with the service staff lack of information on books and bad service

Dilip D'Souza said...

Nikhil, for this particular event the choice of event was not in my hands, since it is really part of the Celebrate Bandra fest.

I'll put up a note about the other venues/times as soon as they are nailed down.