November 07, 2009

Fitness problems

For the first time ever, I believe, I won a caption contest.


Gavin (from Oz) said...

Damn, that's funny, mate! congratullations.

Funnier because Oz is beating up on the Indians in Guwahatti as I write this, sorry for rubbing it in!

Gavin, writing from Canberra.

Saurish said...

Not so fast, Gav! 92/3 Oz as *I* write this, this may end up being India beating up on Oz!

But good caption, dcubed.

Anonymous said...

Congress releases murderer Manu Sharma on parole only for him to party with wine and women.

Will the bleeding hearts come out with their pathetic candles or will they keep quiet because Manu Sharma is one of them...of the wine and women type.