January 29, 2010

Cricketers who play

Apparently a political party here in Bombay has announced that they will not allow Australian cricketers to play their sport in the state of Maharashtra. This, because there has been a series of attacks on Indians in Australia.

This is excellent news.

However, I do have a question.

There have been many attacks on people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar (loosely referred to as "north Indians") in this state. A sample:

* In February 2008, MNS workers assaulted "taxi-drivers, hawkers and ordinary north Indians".

* Also in February 2008, MNS workers vandalised theatres showing Bhojpuri films.

* Still in February 2008, stone-throwing by MNS workers in Nashik during their "anti-North Indian" violence killed a factory worker. (Ironically, a Maharashtrian). Also, in Igatpuri during the same violence, a watchman from Bihar was killed by a mob.

* In October 2008, MNS workers attacked people from the north appearing for a railway exam.

* Still in October 2008, "unidentified men" lynched a migrant labourer from Uttar Pradesh, after asking him if he was a "bhaiyya" from that state.

* In January 2009, MNS workers beat up the North Indians attending a function in Nashik to pay tribute to those killed in the terrorist attacks of November 26 2008.


Given all these attacks on people from Uttar Pradesh and other north Indian states, I feel certain that the same political party that is now upset about attacks in Australia applied the same logic and took steps to prevent some particular cricketers from playing some other cricket matches. A sample:

* Delhi vs Mumbai in Delhi in November 2008.

* Uttar Pradesh vs Maharashtra in Kanpur in November 2008.

* Delhi vs Maharashtra in Delhi in December 2009.

But no! I see all these matches were played out. I see that despite attacks by Maharashtrians on people from UP and other parts of North India, this political party did nothing to prevent the Maharashtrians in the Mumbai and Maharashtra teams (and there are several, just as you might find Australians in the Australian teams) from playing those matches.

So here's my question: Why?


Anonymous said...

Bhai mere, apne blog par mat pooch... agar poochna hei to seedhe Thackery ke ghar ja ke pooch..

Anonymous said...

Well perhaps the Australians are not attacking north indians exclusively. Not aligned with protesting party.

Anonymous said...


Lol, to borrow Richard Herring's words, the whole marathi-fascism is "nothing if not inconsistent to the point of borderline mental illness"