January 28, 2010

Roadrunner: buying it

In response to a few (2.548, if you want to get specific) queries, there are some online places you can order my book, Roadrunner: An Indian Quest in America.

Note that this edition is marked "For sale in the Indian subcontinent only". I'm trying to find a way around this. Until then, I know of one way to ship abroad, so if you live outside India and would like to order the book, leave me a comment with your email address and I'll send you the details.

Here's a list of sellers who will ship the book, but (as far as I can tell) only in India.

* Flipkart, Rs 335 + free shipping.

* Infibeam, Rs 319 + free shipping.

* Vanishbooks, Rs 399 + free shipping.

* Friends of Books, Rs 327 + free shipping.

* eBay India, Rs 339 + Rs 40 shipping.

* ShopOnline, Rs 300 + free shipping (I think.)

* BS Bazaar, Rs 319 + Rs 31 shipping (but intriguingly, it also says "free shipping" on the same page.)

* IndiaPlaza, Rs 319 + Rs 31 shipping (but intriguingly, it also says "may qualify for free shipping" on the same page.)

* Linux Bazar, Rs 399 + Rs 100 shipping, I think. Part of the reason I'm unsure is that this place also claims the book weighs 700 lbs. I am not making this up. Click on "add this to my cart" to see for yourself.

* HarperCollins India (the publisher), Rs 399 + Rs 25 shipping.

* Teksons Books Rs 399 (they also say $9.90). Can't tell what their shipping charge is. They also say they will "deliver where you want."

* Bookvook Rs 319 + Rs 15 shipping.

* India Book Mart Rs 399 + Rs 50 shipping. They also say $10 shipping for sending it outside India. I have not tested this claim.


leo said...

I live abroad and would like to get your book(signed if possible). Please send me the details to sizzles at gmail. Thanks.

Ashwin said...

Sound to be an interesting book. Being a regular reader of your blog - I look forward to reading this.

Keep up the good work.