January 10, 2010

Three more about Roadrunner

Over the last couple of days, three more reviews of my Roadrunner appeared.

In Open, Aayush Soni was critical.

In Tehelka, Sanjay Sipahimalani was (largely) also critical.

In Mint, Sumana Mukherjee was (largely) appreciative.

Comments welcome.


Anonymous said...

Im impressed. I think Youre the only author I know who has linked to critical reviews of his/her books. (And those two are pretty critical.). Strangely, that makes me want to read the book! Will go buy - saw it at Bahri in Delhi two days ago, will pick it up now.


Anonymous said...


for the book.

for the praise for the book.

but most for having the grace to point to the critisim as well.

like rk above says, this makes me want to read roadrunner......

Paula said...

Came to your blog via a FB mention (also of your book), and found this post. I know I am only repeating what the two good people above have said, but really I want to say kudos for linking to negative reviews. Bloggers are a notoriously egotistical lot and therefore often painful. No other blogger I know would do this. You did. Well done.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Thank you, all! I hope you will enjoy the book.

Space Bar said...

Dilip: Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday at Akshara. I'll be reading with The Little Theatre.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to echo what the others have said here. Very few people would have linked to a critical review.

Makes me want to read your book, once I can get this deadline out of the way.