February 13, 2010

Five people

Meanwhile at Kala Ghoda again, I find myself speaking with five engaging writers. No harmonicas involved, either.

Your thoughts, yes they are welcome.

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B said...

2 things: The first, a reminder to Joe Biden saying the three-letter word on everyone's minds in the US was "jobs: J-O-B-S, jobs". Was it a slip or a deliberate attempt to avoid "four-letter word", you should tell us. (and why does SB want to 4-letter the good reviews too?)

Second, a friend here, an ex-English major (major, as in the degree and not the job title, and therefore English, as in the language and not the nationality), once asked me why we Indians use Britishers, when the British would do? Is it a valid entry in our dictionaries? ( Online dictionary says it's an Americanism, though the only usage I have seen is in informal Indian contexts and I was surprised to see you use it.)