May 07, 2010


Man drives to a crowded square in a huge city with a crude but powerful explosive device(s) in his car. Man leaves said car there with engine running and melts away. Man later tries to board a flight for the other side of the world.

And in some twisted quarters, this same man is said to have done "a brave job".


Chandru K said...

Yes, it is pretty awful. But what's surprising, or perhaps not so, is that Dilip did not mention some American/Christian atrocity or attempted atrocity, to counter-balance this incident. If the same occurred in India, which it has far more times, D'Souza would refer to what some Hindu did/attempted to do, to balance his denunciation of what the Moslem was doing.

Chandru K said...

And I thought the guy had finally stopped! Here you are again. For the record again I have to say, I did not make the previous comment. Though I think there are plenty of American/Christian atrocities committed by the followers of the Pope and others on folks in India. Conversion is a heinous atrocity and it is happening all the time. You're welcome to quote me on that, as long as you do it under your own name.

Anonymous said...

I think we should treat these guys as common criminals. To give them a mantle of religion and mission is far in excess of their actual self-realization.