May 07, 2010


Just feel like I'm coming to grips with the Twitterverse. In some ways it seems an even more peculiar place than the blogosphere always has been.

Consider two random exchanges I stumbled on recently.

Sachin Tendulkar recently joined Twitter, setting hearts and fingers a-twitter everywhere cricket is spoken. I wandered over to his page at some point in the last couple of days, to find a message from him to another tweeter. Idly clicked through to that person's page, to find a series of tweets imploring ("please please please") SRT to say hello to him. Which eventually SRT did. Which prompted a ferventweet of gratitude ("thank you thank you thank you").

Fine so far.

Then I see on this same person's page two tweets directed at Salman Khan, the actor. They had me furrowing my brow, so I wandered over to check what SK had tweeted to prompt these. This was it, in full and verbatim: "Plz wl cm sania mirza."

"Please welcome Sania Mirza", for those who cannot grok twitter.

And this had our "please" and "thank you man" saying, and I paraphrase the two tweets here, "Definitely not! Couldn't she have found a boy in India? Sister of Kasab!"


Chandru K said...

What is the problem with the comment about Sania Mirza, or should I say Sania Shoaib Malik now? Indeed, did she have to go marry a man from a country filled with people, nearly everyone of whom has an fanatical religious hatred for India? Was she not able to find a suitable husband in India? It is not surprising that a majority of Indians now will think of her as the enemy. "Kasab's sister" is correct.

wise donkey said...

actually the only weird part for me was that person not being interviewed on tv after getting a hello from sachin..

seriously, u think the blogosphere is less crazy?

wise donkey said...

went over. the tweet @zaheer on the time in westindies and if he would be going for practice was funny:)

wise donkey said...

and on ritesh's dog:)

Anonymous said...

Chandru K ( or look-alike ) your brain works like an honour-killing machine! Are you serious? Why Kasab's sister? It sounds like you are Kasab's younger brother, not yet at his level of achievement.

Anonymous said...


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nikhil said...

@Chandru K,
Dude, you need to get a friggin is your business on who sania mirza or for that matter anyone gets to marry