July 21, 2010

Stock markets, rum and bikinis

I may be making a comeback to rediff.com, trying to write in a slightly different vein from my past endeavours there over several years.

My first effort in this slightly different vein is here: Stock markets? Nah! How about rum instead?

Yep: as usual, your comments solicited.


Anonymous said...

You got a rum shake! Gin you know vodka an make you happy? Let stock and share ideas instead of wining. For happiness, a drink or two whiskey, at the bikini and the end of the day.

wise donkey said...

thats why we need paul:)

Jai_C said...

Humour is, if you will forgive me, not your forte, at least not this long. I'm probably being unfair since I'm comparing you to Ramesh Srivats or Krish Ashok.

You zing when it comes in short doses and situationally - (d'souza like d'silva d'costa so high etc.)

Maybe you get better with practice?All the best. I liked your earlier innings at rediff and have occasionally wished you get back to that gig.

OTOH if it brings in the feared rediff comment crowd to these tranquil(ler) waters, maybe its not so bad. Chandru is a baby compared to that crowd.


Dilip D'Souza said...

This wasn't humour. It was a serious article.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Anon 331: Vodka d'you mean? Indica? or Buick maybe? Whichever it is, you should decide, because I need to know whiskey I should give you. Wine-ot get Indica and drive to brandy-pur to see the tigers? Or even A-gin-ta to see the caves, and if you meet my friend there, please say Ellora-hul to him. He sleeps whenever his Bailey's full. But he will be glad to sherry-s lunch with you.

Anonymous said...

Hard to match you, ouzo good man! Vodka nice, ay? I am shaken AND stirred! --Anon 331