October 03, 2010


In Hindustan Times Brunch today, I'm in the excellent company of Sadanand Dhume (My Friend the Fanatic) and Avirook Sen (Looking for America), merely for writing my Roadrunner.

Take a look: Brave New World.


Anonymous said...

Sadanand Dhume.

I will take another look at this gentleman's work if you think so highly of his company. Last I checked he is frequently quoted and appreciated by our rightier friends.


Jai_C said...

I realize this will probably be off-topic but would still like to post this brief follow-up.

There are some areas of broad agreement with Mr.Dhume.

1. But on Ayodhya, he has (approx):
" it helps that extremists on both sides are feeling stiffed "

Feels odd to be an extremist.

2. More deviously yet, in a piece on how his middle name is NOT Husein, he takes a perfectly understandable statement by 2 Obama supporters in the election campaign:

"our middle names are Husein till November"

( a statement I would have made and endorsed at that time except maybe I wouldnt have cutoff at November) and twists it into a cultish follower thing:

" His name is my name. i am He "

This is stunning. It feels dishonest and crooked to take the clear original intent*:

taking the wind out of the opposition based on Obama being "other" and psst! psst! a closet M

and draping it in cult-of-Obama colors. He could have made a good case against the cultism leaving this out (even better he could have acknowledged the actual intent).

Iffy company in my book. Thanks if you decide to allow this comment to stand.

* In parting let me confess my dream scenario was John McCain stumping around on a campaign stage calling himself "John Husein McCain" till every last boo had passed.