October 03, 2010

Three times

As the Commonwealth Games are about to begin, there's news that its Organizing Committee estimates it will have an "overall economic impact of approximately $4,940 million on India over the period of 2008-12".

Now that should gladden every Indian heart. What a huge economic impact that is. I mean, allow me to convert to rupees by multiplying that number by 50 ... that's Rs 24,700 crore!

According to this news, what we spent to generate this huge economic impact is "over Rs 70,000 crore."

Our expenditure on the Games is nearly three times the "overall economic impact" of the Games. Sounds like a pretty fabulous return on investment to me.


Jai_C said...

Even scarier was the report that we could make a strong pitch for the 2020 Olympics and have a good chance of landing it.

After a rich hearty meal on the public tab, theyre calling for seconds!

Whoever helped themselves to the major chunk of that 70000cr so enjoyed the experience they would like to have another go at this, as soon as within the next 10yrs.

So sure are they that they are already off the hook for this one.

So assured that they can pull another swindle off.

If the only way to prevent this happening is for CWG to flop by God I hope for it.


Chandru K said...

28 reasons why the Commonwealth games should not be held in Australia:

1. Genocide against indigenous people
2. War crimes against Japanese POW's
3. Proliferation of alien rabbits across pristine ecosphere - destroying native habitat and species
4. Deadly snakes
5. Biological warfare against rabbits using myxymatosis virus
6. Deadly spiders
7. Baby eating wild dog packs
8. Deadly jelly fish
9. Gangs of racist murdering thugs
10. Gangs of Lebanese thugs
11. Mistreatment and human rights abuse of Vietnamese boat people
12. Serial killers preying on tourists
13. Racist yahoos shooting defenceless kangaroos using spotlights on jeeps
14. Deadly lizards
15. Participation in illegal foreign wars (Vietnam, Iraq…)
16. Deadly rodents
17. Enforced drought through abuse of natural water resources
18. Xenophobic attitude in average citizens
19. Violent and abusive police force
20. Deadly crocodiles
21.poor air quality due to excessive mining of radio active materials. Danger to athletes' health.

22, residue from atmospheric nuclear tests by the British govt
23. wildfires
24. tsunami risk
25. failed project managed on collins sub program reveals aussie weakness in managing large projects on their own
26. poor 2 lane road infra in the interior, crawling with high speed "road train" trucks ignoring all norms

27. Racist Police
28. Racist Media

Anonymous said...

hey chandrooK, let me remind you - the last comonwealth games WERE held in Ausralia! too bad they did not consult yr list before holding them.

Chandru K said...

You're missing the point, Anon. The fact is, you can find all kinds of problems with most if not every country in the world, with respect to their history, policies, environment, ideology etc. The international press has gone to town with all the maladies of India, while reporting the CWG. So it's only fair to point out all the problems of Australia, for the last OR the next time they apply to host the games