October 02, 2010

Pained, bad

Sheila Dikshit says "I feel pained, I feel bad" about Mani Shankar Aiyar leaving New Delhi during the Commonwealth Games.

She asks, "How are the Games disturbing anybody?"

I wonder, Ms Dikshit. Leading up to the Games, according to this report, your administration "demolished hundreds of homes" in the city you govern. Your authorities erected bamboo screens to "to hide slums from tourists" in the city you govern. Your government "kicked out over one lakh homeless" from the city you govern.

You tell me, Ms Dikshit. Are the Games "disturbing" these Indian citizens whose homes were hidden from view, or destroyed? Do you "feel pained, feel bad" about these Indian citizens who have left Delhi during the Games? (Though unlike Mani Shankar Aiyar, they probably did not leave willingly.)


the dude who used many names said...

Quick question: was anyone with a proper title deed evicted?

If the answer is No, what may I ask, is your point?

Dilip D'Souza said...

As I said before, Pub Chick, please remind me to take you seriously when you drum up the fibre to use your own name.

the dude who used many names said...

Dear commenting lunatics at this place, we should all have a drinking game with shots. Every time Dilip cops out by asking who is questioning regardless of the validity of the question.

We should also have a poll on whether it's funny or sad that Dilip does this. I usually start by thinking it's funny, and soon the repeated citing makes me think it's sad. Time lapses, I forget sadness, come back because it's funny to start with.

This man has the cycle of life captured in a single question. Awesome, I say!

Anonymous said...

your the only one commenting at this place? so who you talking about when you say lunatics??