April 24, 2011

Cannonball tree

Any tree lovers out there? One that I know rather well has sent me this query that I don't know much about. If you have any answers, please let me know.

The cannonball tree is fairly well known in Bombay. It is also known as Nagalingam in Tamil and Maheshwar or Kailaspati in Marathi.

Its botanical name is Couroupita guianensis which indicates its origins in Guiana.

The tree sends out woody tendrils on its main trunk, say about three or four feet above ground and continuing upwards till beore the branches. In our building compound we have some of these trees that were planted roughly around 1969 and they continue to grow and flourish.

In the last couple of years or so I have noticed that the woody tendrils are now apppearing above the branches and along the trunk, and they bear flowers. But there are flowers along the branches too now, and the flowering seems to be climbing upwards. Another nearby cannonball tree also has flowers blooming way up!

Is there a reason for this? Are there knowledgeable tree lovers who could explain this phenomenon?


Anonymous said...

Only reason I can think of is that Modi is guilty and he *will* be punished?

ramani said...

the trees there decided to do their own thing and not be limited by convention?
have sent it on to some friends who have a better knowledge of trees, and may be able to help. wikipedia does not give an explanation.

Anonymous said...

According to axiomipedia the flowers and woody growths stop where the sunlight is reduced, at the base of the branches. As the tree grows higher the lower parts get more shade grow, less dense and the woody flowers advance. It's all perfectly logical Captain.