April 25, 2011

One crime, and another

The truth of what Modi did or did not say at a meeting on February 27 2002 is, as far as I'm concerned, always going to be what it is now: a hotly contested matter of "I was there and I heard him say XYZ" and "He was not there and Modi never said XYZ."

Those whose politics lean towards Modi's will believe the second statement. Those who think he is responsible for, at a minimum, failing to protect lives in 2002 will believe the first. And so it will go.

So until this gets resolved, if ever, I prefer to focus on something else.

On February 27 2002, a mob burned and killed 56 Indians in Godhra. Several people were accused of this crime, chargesheeted and tried. In March this year -- just about nine years after the atrocity -- 20 were given life imprisonment and 11 were sentenced to death.

The day after that atrocity in Godhra, a mob burned and killed 69 Indians in Gulberg Society in Ahmedabad. To date -- over nine years since it happened -- nobody accused of this crime has been sentenced to anything.

Why is this discrepancy A-OK with so many of us? Or ask this: how many even consider it a discrepancy, or one worth paying attention to?


Anonymous said...

What about these crimes? Dying farmers?

Suresh said...


Your point is...?

The fact that farmers are committing suicide is a tragedy (and we should be ashamed of it) but it is not a crime unless you are referring to that charming law, inherited from the British Raj, whereby it is a crime to commit suicide. (The British repealed their variant of this act as far back as 1961. We are still to do so, to the best of my knowledge.)

Do you have an answer to what Dilip is asking: Why does the Gujarat state prosecute one crime with far more alacrity than another similar crime occurring at roughly the same time? No? I thought not.

While this is a good attempt at obfuscation, it is clear that you are only an amateur at this game. You might want to learn from the masters, who will sooner or later make their appearance: one Mr. Nikhil and one Mr. Chandru.

Anonymous said...

Suresh: Of course I have an answer. It is the lack of will. This should be obvious from the gulbarg events. And yes could the real Chandru raise his hand? He seems to be busy servicing the Canadians. The point is Suresh that no one cares about the farmers. They are a minority, however large their dying numbers.

Nikhil said...

While this is a good attempt at obfuscation, it is clear that you are only an amateur at this game.

The amateurs are guys like you and Dilip. The real obfuscation is this Bhatt's "statement" now. Where was he all these years? But I bet guys who are obsessed with campaign against Modi and care nothing for crimes against Hindus have no answers for that question. Different strokes for different folks again. Dilip should be proud.

Anonymous said...

Nikhil: What do you mean exactly - that being obsessed with Modi somehow precludes being against crimes against Hindus? At least two horrific instances of killings took place while he is/was chief minister. You are saying he is responsible for neither? I say he is responsible for BOTH. Crimes against Hindus yes and crimes against non-Hindus as well. What is your case for Modi? He is a poor helpless chief minister who has no control? That too is a reason to oppose him.