January 04, 2009

Bedsheet and curtains

* "You know one thing? Anger is the cause of all disease. You should know how to control it. Otherwise life will become miserable. Try to understand that. Last but not least ..."

* "Daddy, don't change the topic! Come to my matter."

* "Mother first. All next. Including God. Yessss."

* "Better don't come in my way."

* "What a man!"

* "Syaaaaaaah!"

* "Is he your dad? I thought he'd look like an aristocrat, but he is looking like a country man!"

* "Why is he wearing a bedsheet and curtains?"

Enough hints. What memorable cultural artifact is buzzing in my mind?


संजीव कुमार सिन्‍हा said...


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Anonymous said...

babu/butler english?

Anonymous said...

Jo Zette and Jocko, Valley of Cobras ?

- Z

Dilip D'Souza said...

You cultural ignoramuses! (Which I was, till a few days ago).

These are lines from that classic of film-making, Padayappa. Starring the inimitable Rajnikanth performing innumerable flashy sound-effected salutes and fights.

Now you know.

PS: That in two days only two people attempted responses suggests two possibilities:

1) Nobody reads this blog.

2) Nobody has heard of Rajnikanth, or Padayappa.

Since #1 is obviously false (I read this blog), I therefore am forced to conclude that #2 is true.

Anonymous said...

Bedsheets and curtains did me in.

And I didn't figure you were a statistician when I did my arithmetic!

What say you and me think up a Ponzi scheme to popularize Ranjikanth? Syaaaaah what?

- Z

Anonymous said...

my first guess was "muthu" because the father rajni character is a bohemian draped in a blanket. then I gave up because to my poor pop-culture quotient.

next time I try to guess one of these I should guess a 100 times!

Anonymous said...


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Pareshaan said...

You know : "What a Man!" should have given it away - I though of Padayyapa as soon as I read it, but never in the world did I think that you would feature Thanga Thalaaivar on this blog - you Sir, continue to surprise.