July 14, 2009

Rolls on

The assault was shown repeatedly on national TV, with two of the main men even circled to identify them. A college professor died in the assault; watching on TV you could see he was near death, if not gone already.

Three years later, meaning yesterday, a court acquits all the accused, two of whom were those circled men.

A man died on national TV, and we are still unable to punish anyone.

Justice rolls on.


Postscript: You can see those circles -- i.e. clips from the original national TV broadcast -- during the post-verdict video segments available here.


Prasoon said...

A sad day indeed.
I hope I donot see the day when Kasab is acquitted and handed over across the border.

I would want to see the case go to higher courts and that there is a different verdict - a true verdict per se.

seaferns said...

the wonder of that timeless institution which believes that no action can be wrong if it is duly deliberated and done according to procedure

Sidhusaaheb said...

It gives me a sense of deja vu.

This is somewhat like 'nobody killed Jessica Lal' or 'nobody killed Priyadarshini Mattoo' or 'nobody killed 2000 innocent Muslims in 2002 or 4000 innocent Sikhs in 1984' (although there actually was a change in status of the first two cases at the final stage, even as something like that appears unlikely in the last instance).